Improving Your Joint Health Using Kettlebell Training

How old should I start lifting weights? It is a question that has been asked and re-asked by lifters for decades. The answer is always the same. Just start lifting weights. But, what is the best age to start? What is the best time of year?

It seems that lifters have been struggling with this question for decades.

Perhaps the oldest reference for the beginning of a weightlifting career can be found in a manual published in 1911. Called ‘Kettlebells and Bodybuilding’ this manual describes the process of getting a ‘massive body’ without having to do any ‘hard work’.

That’s right. It does not recommend that you “work your butt off” to get a big body. In fact, the author of the manual suggests that the bodybuilder use the kettlebells to work his body!

This is an interesting view. The kettlebell was first introduced to the public in the early 1950s by a Russian named Ivan Dragozov. The name ‘Dragozov’ comes from the Russian word ‘dragozhevskiy’ which means ‘works of an enormous mass’.

Improving Your Joint Health Using Kettlebell Training Became Popular in the 70’s.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that this ancient implement became popular among Western lifters. The first American to publish articles about using the kettlebell was John Stacy in 1974. His was a review of the more popular Kettlebell Press. A year later in 1975 John Stacy published his book ‘Kettlebells – the right tools for the work and enjoyment that keeps Americans fit and healthy’. In the same year another American named Wayne Walker published his book ‘Kettlebells for the Unfit and Oppressed’. Since those books were published the kettlebell has been gaining in popularity.

One of the reasons why the kettlebell has become so popular is that it is relatively inexpensive. There are kettlebells available from $10 to $300. Also, kettlebell workouts are relatively fun to do. Even the most boring workouts can be fun if done properly. If the exercises are done incorrectly the movement can cause pain and discomfort.

Here are some of the top tips for a safe kettlebell workout.

1. Kettlebell exercises are different than conventional exercise. Therefore, it’s important to know what to avoid when doing kettlebell exercises. I have listed a few tips for kettlebell workouts.

* Important : Never have someone use the kettlebell when you are doing the exercise. Have the kettlebell in front of you. If it’s on the ground, it is almost impossible to balance the weight. The same applies for your feet.
* Important : Ensure that you are using the right technique when doing the exercise. You should lift the weight up and down. Have the kettlebell close to your chest.
* Important : If you are using the kettlebell that’s close to your chest, ensure that you are keeping your back flat.
* Important : Use the muscles correctly when doing the exercise. If you are using the muscles incorrectly then you are more likely to strain.

You should have a guide to help you when you are doing the exercise. A good guide will make sure that you are not accidentally pulling on the joint. Also, if you are lifting the kettlebell close to your chest, it means that you should have your chest up when lifting the weight.

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